Stress Management Program for Parents Raising Children with Special Needs

Stress Management Program for Parents Raising Children with Special Needs

Bmindful Psychotherapy and Coaching Center Fall 2017 workshop offerings:

This 3-session Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy based stress management  program aims to support parents and caregivers who are raising children with special needs, such as ADHD, ASD, and/or mental or physical health related disabilities. You will learn to:

  • Recognize the main sources of your parenting stress,
  • Develop effective strategies to regulate your emotions during difficult situations,
  • Change your self-criticism and self-doubt to self-encouragement,
  • Connect with value-driven parenting, and
  • Support and prioritize yourself.

Date: Monday, November 27, December 04 & 11, 2017

Time: 17:45 – 20:00 pm

Location: 309 Berrigan Drive, Ottawa (Barrhaven)

Cost: $295 +HST (covered by most extended health care benefits)

Self-Compassion and Adolescents

tulips postSelf-compassion means being kind to yourself when confronted by your shortcomings and struggles. According to Kristen Neff, Researcher, the fundamentals of self-compassion consist of self-kindness, common humanity (acknowledgement that we are not alone) and mindfulness. Recent studies have been investigating self-compassion in adolescents and last year, this particular topic was discussed with high school teachers in Ottawa at an event for students preparing to transition to post-secondary. The topic sparked a dialogue which led to a discussion on the need for adolescents to build resilience when faced with adversity. If you are interested in reading more about self-compassion and teens, read this article published by the Greater Good – The Science of a Meaningful Life.