Speaking Engagements – Mindfulness in Organizational Settings

We are a group of independent psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches in Ottawa, who are avid supporters of the practice of mindfulness in both professional and private life. Inline with this value we offer speaking engagements on incorporating the practice of mindfulness into corporate life.

Are your employees stressed?

Striking work life balance is an important contributing factor of productivity. Research indicates that the practice of mindfulness can help reduce work related stress or burnout, increase productivity and lead to improved wellbeing. We are trained mindfulness instructors (psychotherapists) with 15 years of personal practice, who are proponents of furthering the practice of mindfulness in our community. We would be pleased to provide a one or two-hours long Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Management workshop, during your employee appreciation day or town-hall/department meeting.

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Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Management

The practice of mindfulness has recently been embraced by North American due to its immense and documented benefits on mental and physical health, work and sports performance, productivity, academic achievements, pain management, parenting, etc.

Both workshop will cover psycho-education about stress, the history and fundamental principles of mindfulness and discuss both formal and informal practices of mindfulness and self-compassion. The workshops are designed to be interactive, informative and experiential. The 2 hour program provides more information and exercises and also includes a short introduction to practice of self-compassion.

Workshop Options

  • 1 hour ($700) brown bag lunch format.
  • 2 hour($1000) part of team building or employee appreciation day

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