Coaching Provided by Zsuzsanna Grandpierre, M.A.Ed., RP, CCC & Krisztina Cormier, M.A. in Ottawa

Life & ADHD Coaching is the speciality of Zsuzsanna Grandpierre, M.A.Ed., RP, CCC and Krisztina Cormier, M.A.. If you are looking for a coach to improve your health or mental wellbeing, would like to engage in self-discovery, or attain a particularly important life goal, you are in the right place! I would be pleased to guide your journey.

What is life coaching?

You are a professional looking for career advancement, an entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level, an artist wanting a creative breakthrough, or a retiree hoping to make a difference in the lives of other. Perhaps you are a person who want more meaning out of your life, attain an important goal, improve personal growth, achieve life balance or a higher state of well-being. In general, people seek the help of a life coach because they would like to stream line the process of change, engage in creative brain storming or simply because they have been thwarted in their goal attainment by fear of success or failure, self-doubt, or self-criticism.

Life Coaching Can Help You:

  • clarify your goal,
  • create a vision of your future,
  • develop an in-depth plan,
  • identify your strengths and values,
  • recognize barriers,
  • elicit commitment to action,
  • provide motivation and accountability for goal attainment,
  • celebrate your success

Coach Approach

In general, coaching follows the a solution-focused approach, but when goal attainment is hindered by lack of progress, your coach may propose the Immunity to Change protocol.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy

Coaching is different from psychotherapy in two important ways:

  1. In coaching the focus is usually on the accomplishment of one specific goal as opposed to in psychotherapy, the focus can shift more dynamically between sessions. In other words, in coaching you are being kept on track in a session to ensure that the focus remains on the goal you would like to accomplish.
  2. In coaching the coach provides accountability for goal attainment, while in psychotherapy the therapist also checks-in on your progress, but expectation for homework completion is more flexible.

What to Expect

You will have weekly meetings and you have the option of checking in through e-mails between sessions. In the first session, the overall contract is set for the coaching relationship. The contract reflects the goal that you want to accomplish through coaching and is broken down into smaller contracts (goals) for each session. The coach will help you maintain focus on your goal and provide you with accountability for your progress.

For more information about coaching please read the Solution Focused Coaching, or Immunity to Change pages. If you want to learn more about the coaches than read Zsuzsanna Grandpierre’s or Krisztina Cormier’s biography.

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