Immunity to Change Protocol Provided by Zsuzsanna Grandpierre, MA(Ed), RP, CCC in Ottawa

The Immunity to Change  Protocol for Life & ADHD Coaching is the speciality of Zsuzsanna Grandpierre, M.A.Ed., RP, CCC. If you are looking for a coach to improve your health or mental wellbeing, would like to engage in self-discovery, or attain a particularly important life goal, you are in the right place! I would be pleased to guide your journey.

Introduction to the Immunity to Change Coaching Protocol

Immunity to Change is Drs. Kegan and Lahey’s ground-breaking and award-winning approach that has helped many people make lasting changes at work or in their private lives. This protocol is primarily used when personal improvement goals have been proven to be resistant to your sincerest intentions, smartest plans, and best efforts.

What to expect:

  • Identify an important, meaningful self-improvement goal to work on;
  • Complete the Immunity to Change map, which will help you recognize your competing commitments that stand in your way to make lasting changes and the assumptions that uphold and enable these commitments;
  • Complete a variety of self-reflection exercises to improve your awareness and understanding of where assumptions about your abilities or life might be coming from;
  • Develop a variety of tests to see how true and valid your assumptions are;
  • Overturn “psychic immune system”
  • Make measurable progress on the improvement goal.

For more information about coaching please read the Life Coaching or ADHD Coaching pages. If you want to learn more about the coach than read Zsuzsa (Susan) Grandpierre’s biography.

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To learn more about this protocol please visit our resources page.

Immunity to Change Map

Immunity to Change Map (Drs. Kegan & Lahey)