At Bmindful we provide Life and ADHD Coaching. If you are looking for a coach to improve your health or mental wellbeing, would like to engage in self-discovery, or attain a particularly important life goal, you are in the right place! We would be pleased to guide your journey.

Introduction to Solution Focused Coaching


“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful. And so our goal in any situation becomes inner peace.”
 – Marianne Williamson

Solution Focused Coaching (Life Coaching, ADHD Coaching) aims to facilitate psychological, emotional or personal growth. People tend to register for coaching services because they are interested in determining and accomplishing important life changes or goals. This may be a particular goal, such as developing new health habits, identifying a new career direction, accomplishing an important milestone, or developing new coping strategies.

In general, coaching follows the solution focused approach (see below), but when goal attainment is hindered by lack of progress your coach may propose the Immunity to Change protocol.

Coach Approach

In coaching, the client takes the driver seat by identifying the goal they want to achieve and dedicate themselves to its accomplishments. The coach facilitates the process by asking questions, providing exercises and resources, motivation, and occasionally psycho-education. Through coaching you will learn about your personal values and how living a value-based life enhances your ability to commit yourself to successfully attain goals.

For more information about coaching please read the Life Coaching, or ADHD Coaching pages. If you want to learn more about our coaches than read Zsuzsanna Grandpierre’s or Krisztina Cormier’s biography.

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