First Appointment

We want to congratulate you on making the decision to seek counselling, psychotherapy, life and/or ADHD coaching. Here is some information that will facilitate your first appointment with your counsellor.


  1. Please make sure that you are clear on the terms of your insurance coverage. Many insurance companies require a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) before they will reimburse you for your psychotherapy sessions.
  2. Almost all insurance providers accept receipts from Psychologists and those supervised by a registered Clinical Psychologist. Please note that I fall under the latter category. As such, any claim information will be filed under our supervisor, Dr. David Smith.


We are dispersed throughout the city and you will need to check with each therapist for their specific location.


Please park on the street when you arrive.


  1. All sessions are 50 minutes long unless otherwise specified,
  2. The fee is $130.00 (+HST*) per session,
  3. We accept cash, check and e-transfer payments, but not interact or credit card payments. If you wish to use e-transfer payments please send these prior to your session and do not forget to let us know the password.
  4. Missed appointments without a 24-hour cancelation will be always charged at full rate.


Our responsibility as your therapist is to provide an integrated psychotherapeutic, counselling, coaching approach. We will provide varied perspectives, a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere and optional homework assignments and readings. We will do our best to support you as you work toward your goals.

Your responsibility as a client is to engage as fully as possible in the therapeutic process. Let us know what methods work best for you and what you do not find helpful. 90% of your success will come from your efforts outside of the actual session time – please commit to the process by allotting time. Some clients will notice rapid improvement while others will take longer – please accept how difficult change is and be patient with yourself and the process.

We are looking forward to working with you.

*not all therapists charge HST