Mental Health Disorder Treatment Provided by Bmindful Psychotherapists in Ottawa

Information About Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders, also referred to as mental illness or mental disorders, can take many forms and affect the lives of 20% of Canadians over their lifetime. Mental illness does not discriminate based on age, education and income level, or culture, and therefore any one of us can develop mental illness. Mental illness affects the way we think, feel, and behave and the way how we relate to ourselves and interact with others and the world. Mental Illness is on a continuum of severity, which means on the low end, a person may experience some intrusive thoughts, while on the high end it can interfere with daily functioning.

Causes of Mental Illness

The combined effects of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors may make a person more susceptible to mental illness. Mental health difficulties are often triggered by significant life challenges.

Treatment of Mental Health Disorders

Stigma or discrimination associated with having mental illnesses represents the largest barrier to seeking diagnosis, treatment or support. Yet, mental illnesses can be treated effectively with medication and/or psychotherapy. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you understand your struggles, become aware of unhelpful thoughts and replace old habits with new behaviours that promote positive and healthy life changes. If you are ready to reach out, working with one of our team members can improve your well-being.
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