Chronic Pain Management Support by Bmindful Psychotherapists in Ottawa

We are a group of independent psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches in Ottawa who provide counselling for chronic pain management. Our therapeutic success is the result of combining psychotherapeutic interventions (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with mindfulness training. If you have been experiencing chronic pain and are discouraged or exhausted by your experience, know that there is a way to enjoy your life once again. We encourage you to read the following information about the benefits of counselling and mindfulness practice for chronic pain management and to book an appointment. 

Counselling as Part of Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is defined as pain that last longer than six months, and it is most commonly the result of fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve or back pain or the result of other health conditions or injuries. Chronic pain can take both a physical and emotional toll on a person. If you are reading this page, it is likely that you have been suffering from chronic pain for sometime and are beginning to feel discouraged or even hopeless about enjoying life once again.

People who experience chronic pain turn to counselling after spending hundreds of dollars in vain on treatments, such as naturopathy, chiropractics, physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, yoga therapy, and/or on a variety of pain medication. The idea to seek counselling may have came about because there was a shift in the way you think about your pain management. Your thinking may have shifted from believing that you can eliminate the pain to considering it as a life long condition.

Chronic Pain Contributor

The thought of having to live with pain can be overwhelming and often leads to great distress. Yet, acceptance of an existing condition is the first step towards healing. Although reading this may make you think “What are you saying? No way I am accepting to live with this pain!”, research indicates that resistance of what we have is the main cause of suffering. It is not unlikely that you spend a lot of time grieving for the life you had or envisioning a future without joy or happiness. These thoughts are often the primary source of distress in chronic pain sufferers. Negative thinking and rumination can intensify the pain experience.

Non Pharmacological Pain Management

Accepting your current circumstances, changing the way you relate to your thoughts, becoming aware of the present moment rather than being lost in thoughts are some of the ways of relieving your suffering. While there is a chance that your pain will never go away, mindfulness based therapies, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) have been proven to increase the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers.

If you are ready to try something different, you might be interested in trying individual counselling or in signing up for our MBSR program. Living with pain is difficult, but many people began to enjoy life again after discovering the practice of mindfulnessWe are here to help you.
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