Looking for Counselling, Psychotherapy or Coaching in Ottawa?

Anxiety treatment, Depression treatment

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

Whether you have decided to seek counselling because you are experiencing difficulty in a specific area of your life, or because you want to reach higher states of well-being, you came to the right place!

We are a group of independent  psychotherapists, counsellors snd coaches in Ottawa, who also work(ed) at Carleton University,  Algonquin College and at CHEO. We provide treatment for mental health (anxiety, depression) and neurodevelopment disorders (ASD, ADHD), and counselling for life challenges such as burnout, university/college related stress, life dissatisfaction, parenting stress, or chronic pain or menopausal symptoms management. Our therapeutic approach focuses on combining evidence-based therapeutic interventions (Cognitive BehaviouralAcceptance and Commitment Therapy) with coaching strategies and mindfulness training. We use this approach to create treatment plans that meet the individual needs and goals of our clients. 

What can you expect when you work with us?

You will be invited to approach your struggles with kindness and compassion, discover the values that may drive your motivation and commitment, and investigate what may stand in your way to achieve your goals. After the initial consultation and assessment, we will collaboratively identify your therapeutic goals and determine appropriate interventions. As therapy progresses, we will periodically evaluate your progress and adjust interventions as needed. If you would like to know more about what happens in sessions, please visit our What to Expect in Therapy page.


Counselling is used to promote change and personal growth. Counselling is more directive and educative and can include professional advice, guidance and coaching. Counselling helps you develop new skills and strategies to address issues associated with wellness, relationships, career development, academic difficulties and mental health.


Psychotherapy focuses on the treatment of clinical issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD). It aims to help you understand the cause of underlying issues and focuses on the development of adaptive coping strategies to improve your well-being and day-to-day functioning. Psychotherapy can be described as more formal and it focuses on an exploratory process so you can develop new insights on your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and interpersonal relationships. Psychotherapy can be short-term and long-term. Psychotherapists may use a combination of theories and approaches to promote change and reach targeted therapeutic goals.

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