The Beginning of a New Year

photo skiingThe beginning of a new year often brings upon new and old resolutions. Your new intentions can be positive challenges but perhaps this time of year can also be used to reflect on your experiences during the past year and personal values. This may be an opportunity to engage in an introspective exercise and ask yourself – What are my values?.  What is important to me and am I committed to things in my life that are in line with my values?

At first, your list of values can be quite extensive once you start jotting them down. Family, friendships, creativity, generosity, and health are just some examples that may come up. When you feel lost or stuck in your work or personal life, you may realize that your decisions and actions are not consistent with your values. This month, take time to generate a list of your top ten values, talk to someone about it, write them down in a notebook and ask yourself if your values are present in your life. Include these values in your new year’s resolution and in a month from now, see where your values have led you.

Living in the present moment this fall

As soon as September peeks through the warm summer days, it is not uncommon to experience apprehension. We need to get ready for the start of school, routines, new projects, and work responsibilities. The slow pace of the summer quickly dissipates and is replaced with structure, expectations, and commitments. We perceive urgency in many parts of our lives. Unpleasant situations (e.g. traffic, line-ups, and chores) hook us and we sometimes become impatient, tense, agitated and even intolerant. We are in this problem-solving mode and want to accomplish many things as quickly as we can. We are focused on goals and results so we can tackle the new pace of the fall.

What would happen if we would shift our perception of this new season? Could we see it as a process while keeping attuned to how our new work, family and academic responsibilities are hooking us and making us feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and reactive?

Come learn about how mindfulness can help you shift your automatic goal-oriented self to a more present-moment self. See this fall as a new journey and path to living a full life while juggling daily pressures.

Sign up at for an Introduction to Mindfulness on Saturday, September 26th from 9:30 am to 1 pm in Barrhaven.

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