Krisztina Cormier, M.A., Counsellor & Executive Coach

Krisztina Cormier, M.A. Counsellor

I am a group intervention facilitator and life coach. As a life coach, I work with people who are seeking support for life transitions, personal growth and career development.

Education and experience:

My educational background includes a Master’s degree in Psychology with Counselling specialization, a certification training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, advanced training in Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Focused Performance and Life Coaching and several courses in Mindfulness Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

I have experience in both individual and group counselling, as well as working as an international human resources leader, trainer and coach. I am very familiar with workplace related challenges and dynamics and having been part of different organizations my focus has always been to assist leaders in creating a positive, inclusive workplace culture, while developing productive and supportive relationships.

My approach in counselling

We all encounter difficult times when we need some extra support to get us through. My mission is to guide my clients in finding new ways of handling those challenging situations by supporting them in gaining awareness of their inner strength, as well as offering practical, goal oriented techniques in a mindful, collaborative, compassionate and encouraging environment.

I have a strong belief that connecting with the natural world around us can have an incredibly positive impact on our well-being. I have facilitated group programs in nature in various capacities and was fortunate to experience the transformative power of nature first hand. In addition to the office based counselling therefore I am constantly searching for ways of implementing various aspects of nature-based counselling into my work.

I am an independent professional whose practice is supervised by a registered psychologist and I am able to provide receipts that are reimbursed by most extended health care benefit providers.
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