Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach Options at Bmindful in Ottawa

About Bmindful Psychotherapy & Coaching Centre

Bmindful represents a group of independent professionals who have expertise in the treatment of mental disorders and life challenges and who work in post-secondary education (Carleton University, Algonquin College) with students who have disabilities. We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help our clients. What makes some of these approaches unique is the incorporation of mindfulness and self-compassion practices into psychotherapy. Research has shown that the above therapeutic methods have been proven to have long-term benefits on mental and physical well-being.

Our Mission

We aim to cultivate self-acceptance, self-compassion, value-based living, and mental health in our clients. We endeavor to engage clients in personal growth, self-actualization, and lifelong learning. We offer counselling, coaching, group therapy, mindfulness-based workshops, and training courses for professionals. Our services may be of interest to those who wish to improve their lives, reduce symptoms of mental health, learn about mindfulness practices and make meaningful life changes into their personal or professional life.

We regularly engage in professional development to help us fine-tune our skills and bring the most up-to-date strategies and workshops to our clients. Please read our individual biographies to help you identify who would be most suitable to meet your needs.

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